Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Software Review

Video editing is one of the most lucrative skills an aspiring filmmaker can learn, as it is a field that demands plenty of skill and knowledge.

There are many video editing software available in the market, and Adobe Premiere Pro has been the leader of it for years. It’s often used to create professional films and presentations like those in Hollywood.

This article will discuss Adobe Premiere Pro software and its capabilities, how it can be applied to your filmmaking workflow, and what makes it the best video editing software.

Adobe Premiere Pro

What’s Adobe Premiere Pro?

Adobe Premiere Pro software is a video editing program that lets you create professional-quality videos without the hassle of having to use two different applications.

The program works with Mac and PC, and its basic functions are similar to other popular video editing programs like iMovie and Final Cut Pro X.

This software was made by Adobe, which means it has an extensive collection of features but also comes with a steep price tag.

Adobe Premiere Pro is professional video editing software that can create and enhance videos of any kind. It is often used by novice and professional filmmakers alike, as it is an extremely powerful yet user-friendly program that anyone can learn in mere hours.

It is one of the world’s most widely used video editing software, with more than 25 million users worldwide. It’s widely used by studios, television networks, and independent filmmakers.

In addition to video editing features, it also has audio editing features that do an amazing job of mixing sound effects and music scores.

The 9 Main Features Of Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is an all-in-one software with powerful video editing features that allow you to easily create professional-quality videos.

In addition, it provides a vast range of tools and features that allow you to solve almost any issue you might encounter while creating your video.

Here are the main features of Adobe Premiere Pro:

1. Advanced Trimming Tools

With Adobe Premiere Pro, you can edit anything essentially within a timeline and cut out unwanted or short clips.

It also allows you to choose what parts of your video you wish to keep and does not allow accidental cutting.

2. Audio Editing Tools

Adobe Premiere Pro comes equipped with a variety of amazing audio editing tools that allows you to enhance your videos with sound effects and music scores.

You can even record your sound effects and narrations and use them in your videos.

3. Easy Effects Creation

There are plenty of preloaded effects that you can use to easily enhance the quality of your films, including those color correction, special effects, transitions, and more.

Effects can also be applied at intervals throughout your video timeline, so you do not have to worry about messy interfaces.

4. Multiple Tracks and Workflows

With Adobe Premiere Pro, you can organize your project into multiple tracks, which can be used for different purposes.

You can even use them to edit various components of your video simultaneously, such as transitions, music scores, and sound effects.

5. Timeline-based Editing

Adobe Premiere Pro has an integrated timeline to speed up scene recording and playback processes.

You can also use this timeline to splice together scenes and create natural and smooth transitions.

6. Built-in Tutorials

It’s very easy to learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro.

It has an extensive collection of built-in tutorials and guides for features such as image stabilization, chroma-keying, audio processing, and more.

7. Server and Cloud Support

You can use Adobe Premiere Pro to create videos that you can save onto your local computer, connect to a server or upload to a cloud-based storage service like dropbox.

8. Multi-language support

Adobe Premiere Pro comes with various language options for users worldwide, including English, Spanish, French, German, and more.

9. Keyboard shortcuts

Adobe Premiere Pro has a nice set of shortcuts that enable you to easily control the program, such as trimming clips and selecting effects.

Strengths (Pros) of Adobe Premiere Pro

Standout features that separate Adobe Premiere Pro from its competitors include:

Integrated With Other Adobe Programs

Since Adobe created Adobe Premiere Pro, it has been integrated with many other programs in the Adobe family, such as After Effects and Photoshop.

This allows you to take advantage of cost savings and price drops of other programs but also reduces your learning curve.

Relatively Easy To Learn

While it won’t be easy for a beginner to learn this program, it isn’t very difficult either, as long as you are willing to practice and read through some tutorials.

Advanced Tools

The program has several features that are quite advanced, such as multi-resolution layering, color correction, effects creation, and more.

Unlimited Delivery Options

You can use this software to create videos that can be viewed on computers, televisions, mobile devices, and more!

This means you don’t have to worry about the length of your videos; you can create an unlimited amount of videos with the program.

Attractive Interface

The interface of Adobe Premiere Pro is very aesthetically pleasing, which makes it an attractive option for anyone who appreciates beautiful design.

Furthermore, as previously mentioned, this software can be learned in mere hours and does not require much time to master.

Powerhouse Effects Engine

The effects engine within this program is one of the most powerful on the market!

It allows you to add different effects to your videos, from motion blur and color correction to special effects like glow and text overlays.

Wide Range of Editing Tools

All of the necessary editing tools are within Adobe Premiere Pro. This includes powerful trimming, splitting, cutting functions, masking your videos, audio enhancements, and more.

In addition, there is a wide range of tools that you can use to make your videos better. For example, you can add subtitles, subtitles of any language, or even captions.

Speedy processing

The speed at which this program processes video files is extremely quick compared to other programs on the market. It is up to an average of 15 times faster than other programs, which gives you far more time to work on your project.

Used by professionals

Many professionals use this software, as many advantages offer major advantages over other programs.

In addition, this program can be used by amateur and professional filmmakers alike, meaning it has a wide audience to appeal to, including people who want to make YouTube videos.

Support for a variety of video formats

You can use Adobe Premiere Pro to import various video formats, including H.264 MP4, MOV, AVI, DV-AVI, and more.

You can also transfer your files to YouTube if that is your goal, and there is no need to start from scratch every time you want to make a new video.


Adobe Premiere Pro allows you to work with other professionals who are also working on projects requiring specific video editing needs.

This means you can save yourself the trouble of constantly sending updates since someone else has already done it for you.

Relatively easy to make to start with

This program is simple enough that a beginner can be able to start using it in a matter of only hours.

Furthermore, it does not require many complicated features, which makes it simple for beginners to pick up and use.

Adjustable Fades for Audio Ducking

Fades in audio can enhance your video. This is because they adjust the volume of a particular screen part that needs to be heard over another.

This program has a fix this problem by allowing you to adjust the length of your audio fade, allowing you to select how long your video will be in the background while editing.

Finer masking controls for titles and effects

Masking can be achieved in several different ways. This program allows you to add different masks, such as alpha channels, luma masks, color masks, and more.

You can also apply effects with precision, as this program is much more specific than many other programs on the market.

Better color correction controls

These controls adjust the contrast of your videos according to your personal needs and preferences. You can also color-key your video and remove any objects from your screens that don’t need to be there.

The Weaknesses (Cons) Of Premiere Pro

After trying the software. Here are some of the downsides we found in Adobe Premiere Pro software:

Requires Strong Computer Specs

Any advanced program will require a strong computer to run.

In addition, this program requires more processing power than most programs, so you must make sure your computer can handle it before purchasing this software.

Not Easy to Use for Beginners

Since the program has many advanced features, it will be difficult for beginners to learn the ins and outs of this program without some outside help or assistance.

Although professionals will find it easy to use, beginners may need time to figure out how to use it.

Can’t modify non-Adobe files

Although it is possible to edit non-Adobe files with Adobe Premiere Pro, it won’t be as easy or as simple to do it that way.

This program only allows importing, exporting, and processing proprietary Adobe formats.

Some Users may find it Expensive

Although the software is relatively cheap, it is not a deal for everyone. The market for this program is extremely competitive; there are many other programs, many of which are cheaper than this one.

Takes up a lot of space on your computer

This program takes up a lot of space on your computer.

Adobe Premiere Pro can take up more than 3 gigabytes of space on your hard drive, so you must ensure you have enough room on your computer’s hard drive to handle this program.

The Adobe Premiere Pro System Requirements

For Adobe Premiere Pro to run smoothly and efficiently, your computer must meet certain system requirements. The system requirements are minimums, meaning that if your computer doesn’t meet them, it will not work properly and could get stuck or crash.

Here are the minimum system requirements to run Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • The Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit), v1909 or later, macOS v10.15 (Catalina) or later
  • The Processor: Intel 6th Gen, newer CPU, AMD Ryzen™ 1000 Series, or newer CPU.
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • The Harddisk: 8 GB or more of available harddisk space for installation
  • The Display resolution: it should be at least 1280×800
  • The Sound Card: ASIO compatible or Microsoft Windows Driver Model

Adobe Premiere Free VS Paid (Compared)

Adobe offers two versions of Adobe Premiere Pro: Adobe Premiere Free and Adobe Premiere Paid.

The Free Version

Adobe Premiere Free is a free program version available to all users for seven days after downloading the software.

The Features

  • The free version comes with basic capabilities, as you can expect from a free version.
  • The program supports the most popular video formats but is not as versatile as other, more advanced versions.
  • The resolution of the video files that you make with this software is limited to 720p.
  • You can only use the project management and collaboration features available in this software for non-commercial projects and cannot use it for any professional projects.

Limitations Of Free adobe premiere

  • The main limitation of the free version is that it comes with a watermark on every single export, and you need to pay to use more advanced features.

The free version of Adobe Premiere Pro may not meet your needs if you are looking for advanced features.

The Paid Version

This version comes with all the features listed above and more. However, this version comes up with a price. It offers all the features of Adobe Premiere Free, plus additional features such as Adobe Encore integration, Adobe OnLocation integration, Adobe Story integration, and Adobe Scout integration.

The Adobe Premiere Pro subscription starts at US$24,14.

5 Awesome Alternatives To Adobe Premiere Pro That You Can Try

If the software doesn’t fit your needs or you don’t have the minimum system requirements to run it. Here are some of the great alternatives for Adobe Premiere Pro that you can try:

1. Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is a screen capture software for creating tutorials, demos, and presentations. It also has an editing program that allows you to edit your videos on the go.

The editing program has some basic features, such as video trimming capabilities, fades, etc.

Key Features

  • Annotations: Camtasia Studio features a series of orange lines or arrows that move alongside your video, helping as you edit your video
  • Effects: You can use some cool effects to spice up your video, such as adding graphics or text over your video
  • Scene transitions: Camtasia allows you to add skippable transitions from one scene to another
  • Text: You can also add text over your video, which can help you explain what is happening in your video
  • Requires less minimal specifications compared to Adobe Premiere Pro

For More in-depth information about this software, check out our Camtasia Studio Software Review.

2. Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve is a professional video editor and color-grading software used in Hollywood by professional video editors using this program to create movies and TV shows.

The software offers advanced editing capabilities and allows you to grade your videos as you edit them, making for a more streamlined process as you work on your videos.

Key Features

  • 8K Real-Time Color Correction: You can color correct your videos in real time and make changes as you go
  • Professional Effects: You have access to thousands of professional effects and tools so you can customize your videos the way you want
  • Powerful Effects: You can add professional color grading to your videos, which makes them more professional looking
  • Multi-user collaboration: You can invite others to collaborate on your projects as you work on them.

For more details about this software. check out our DaVinci Resolve Software Review.

3. HitFilm Express

HitFilm is a video editing software that runs on Adobe Air. It has many features and a user-friendly design that makes it very easy to use.

Key Features

  • The software can help you edit videos, create visual effects, add 2D and 3D compositing, create motion graphics, add transitions, and more.
  • 3D Models or objects can be imported into the Hit Film software to use in your projects. You can also add audio tracks to your project
  • Has a huge library of built-in video effects: matte optix, motion blur, motion track, split screen, expression tracking, and facial skin
  • Cheap and affordable compared to other top video editing software for Mac.

To learn more about this particular software. Visit Our HitFilm Express Software Review.

4. Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro 18 is a professional video editing software that allows you to cut, join, and merge videos together and export video files in an easy-to-use manner.

In addition, you can also enhance your videos using the many effects and transitions that are available in this program.

Sony Vegas Pro does not have the same capabilities as some other video editing software listed above. However, it is still a very interesting program and is great for those just starting professional video editing.

Sony Vegas Pro 18 is easy to use but doesn’t offer as much flexibility as other programs on this list.

Key Features

  • Features similar to Adobe Premiere Pro, with some extra capabilities like Vegas Pro Connect.
  • You can easily edit your videos in Sony Vegas Pro and add transitions and effects to your videos. Using this program, you can also easily trim, merge, and cut your video clips together.

5. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a professional video editing software used to create videos, music videos, slideshows, and more.

You can use this program to add text to your videos or trim parts of your videos so you can make them better. In addition, Wondershare Filmora has many fun features you can use while editing your videos.

Wondershare Filmora is free to use and offers lots of professional features that you can use to edit your videos.

Key Features

  • Easy to Learn and use compared to Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Split screen: You can add things such as graphics, text, and images over your videos and have them display on the screen at the same time
  • Video effects: You can easily add cool video effects to your videos to make them look more professional
  • Easy to learn: The program is very easy to use, which means you can easily learn how to edit videos using this program
  • Autoreframe: You can also use this program to create author frames, which are frames that you can use over and over in your videos

The Bottom Line

The Adobe Premiere Pro software is both powerful and versatile. It is a great video editing software for professionals and amateurs alike. Its main purpose is editing videos, but it is also a very good program for making commercials, movies, and other videos.

It has a wide range of features and a user-friendly interface. Additionally, Adobe Premiere Pro integrates with other Adobe products, such as Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop. However, some features require an Adobe Creative Cloud membership, which can overwhelm beginners.

Nevertheless, Adobe Premiere Pro is worth considering if you are looking for a great video editor with a wide range of features.


Can you use Adobe Premiere on a PC?

Yes, you can use Adobe Premiere Pro on a PC, provided that that PC meets the minimum requirements to run the software.

Is Adobe Premiere free?

Adobe Premiere is free to use, but it is limited. If you want to use all the features, you need to upgrade to Adobe Premiere Pro.

Is Adobe Premiere used for professional projects?

Adobe Premiere is used for professional purposes such as editing commercials, films, and more. However, you cannot use it to edit your videos unless you upgrade to the software called Adobe Premiere Pro.

Do you need a graphics card to use Adobe Premiere?

Yes, you will need an Nvidia graphics card or AMD graphics card to use for all the features to work.

Is Adobe Premiere easy to learn?

Adobe Premiere is a relatively easy software to learn, especially if you have experience with other Adobe products. However, it can be overwhelming for beginners. But with the help of a good tutorial, it will be very easy for you to learn Adobe Premiere.

Is Adobe Premiere good for Youtube?

Yes, Adobe Premiere is an amazing software for Youtube. It is used to edit videos with a lot of footage and is also great for making commercials and movies. Additionally, Adobe Premiere integrates with other Adobe products, such as Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop.

Is adobe premiere a one-time purchase?

No, You can not purchase Adobe Premier permanently.

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