Lightworks Video Editor Software Review

Lightworks software is used for film and video editing to enhance content. It is popular with social media marketers and movie industry professionals who use it to create great films that stand out and make the right impact.

It has support for many different formats and a dedicated web export that converts the video into a suitable format for uploading to the internet.

In this article, we are going to dive into the main features of this software, its strengths, and weaknesses as well as some great alternatives to consider in case you didn’t find what you are looking for in this particular piece of software.

Lightworks software review

The Most 9 Useful Lightworks Software Features (Explained)

If you are considering a good video editing software then here are the most useful features of Lightworks software:

1. Multicam Editing

This is a favorite feature for many film editing professionals. It lets them import loads of footage from multiple cameras, which can be pretty valuable, especially if you stop to consider that most scenes are filmed from multiple angles.

As such, you can easily create a good impression by getting the film from all the right points of view. The feature is an essential aspect of the software and enables film producers to make the right impression with their editing skills.

2. Inbuilt Presets

This feature is intended to improve your productivity while editing videos. The presets are already integrated into the software, making most of the actions you will need to undergo to get the right work arrangement.

Presets are a way of making your work easier and enabling you to be capable of powering through a project with ease.

3. Text Effects

Text within videos is a powerful means of presenting the proper context of your message. You can add explanations, markup notes, and other valuable effects and guides within your video.

The text effects can also be modified to match your preferences. This means that you can change the size and position of the text in addition to the timing within the video where the text will appear.

The simple controls mean that access to such features is easy, and you also get to have an easier time editing your videos and producing footage for your marketing project.

Explanation videos and tutorials require plenty of text to guide the viewer. If you prepare such videos, you will find Lightworks Video Editor to be just what you require.

4. Real-time Collaboration

At times, working on a lengthy video project requires that one can work with other professionals and film production experts.

A collaboration feature in the software means that the same project can be handled by several experts simultaneously. This makes it easier to achieve many complex video effects and complete a massive project within schedule.

You can get most of the boring bits of the video preparation attended to and processed as they are supposed to. Project sharing allows multiple users to share the same media and work on the same project simultaneously.

When several editors are working on the same project, changes by each user will be made and effected without the need to save or exit the software. This is quite useful and enables the users to work on projects promptly.

5. Fully Customizable Interface:

People tend to have varied preferences whenever they have to rearrange their software. Rearranging your software is not as hard as it might sound when dealing with Lightworks Video Editor.

The interface has been built to be moved around and changed as much as you would like. As such, you can rearrange it to suit your working style. As a result, you will be more productive on the project that you are working on and finish your tasks on time.

6. Media Sharing:

The software supports EditShare shared storage servers. There is also support for many other types of storage, which means that you will have no problem when you need to share the media.

7. AAF Interchange:

Exports are more advanced in software, and you can easily export AAFs to other software with the AAF export presets.

As such, you will not need to worry about compatibility with your exporting system. You will not have any problem working with the final exported file in a different software application.

8. Film

The software can import DPX sequences and RED media directly, which can be valuable when working on a video project.

A timecode and keycode on the same list mean you will not get lost when editing your project.

There is also support for mixed film formats, which means that film production got much more accessible with Lightworks Video Editor.

9. Support for Third-Party Plugins

This is an essential aspect of the software since plugins are usually limited to specific applications. The application can work with plugins from other applications like Boris FX, Boris Graffiti, Adobe After Effects Plugins, Premiere Plugins, Blackmagic Fusion, and GenArts Sapphire.

With these plugins’ support, you can accomplish much more in your video editing and production processes.

The Pros Of LightWorks Software

To give you more understanding of what to expect. Here are the pros (strengths) of Lightworks video editing software:

Ease of Use

It is one of the software’s most outstanding features, which only becomes evident when you are handling the software on your own.

With the software, you will not need to spend much time getting set up and preparing everything you will need to work on your video editing project.

It has been intuitively designed to ensure that your work is straightforward. It does not complicate your workflow with much clutter, so you can quickly achieve exceptional results with the software.

Well Documented

Documentation is essential when working on a new software application that you have never worked with in the past.

It enables you to get past the complex layouts and details to narrow down to what you want to accomplish with the software.

Lightworks Video Editor is well documented, with plenty of materials to enable you to get through the application and its intricate details.

Forums are available online where you can find more information about using the software, special tips you did not know about the software, and tutorials to get you going.

You will quickly learn about the application and some of the standard functions with the documentation. Getting familiar with the software is much easier thanks to this documentation and the strength of the application most people would not be keen to note.

In addition to being easy to use, the software is also easy to learn. With the documentation, you will understand aspects of the software and its various features in much greater detail.

Customer Service

Lightworks Video Editor is highly rated for customer service. They are always keen on getting you the help you need and are polite.

They will not hesitate to give you answers and ensure that you have been provided with the guidance that you need to accomplish the task that you had at hand.

With readily available support, there is virtually nothing that you cannot be able to achieve with the editor. Suppose you are stuck on something, and the documentation does not cover what you need to achieve.

In that case, customer support will direct you to a professional who will enable you to accomplish what you need within your project.


If you are looking for more reliable and widely maintained documentation, the forums are there to your aid. There, you will easily connect with others using the same software, which means you will be able to accomplish the tasks you had in mind.

For instance, if an effect or function is not entirely working for you, you can head to the forums and ask for support.

Many helpful professionals and enthusiasts will not hesitate to give you the support you need in addition to detailed steps and procedures for accomplishing what you want.

You can also ask technical questions and find many others who understand your video editing challenge and what you would have done in a different way to avoid making the same mistakes in your workflow.

Tolerance for Formats

The application is straightforward to work with, and you can easily use different video formats like 2K, 4K, PAL, NTSC, and high definition. This can be useful for your project, especially if you are working on getting your video to a suitable format and quality.

Importing high-quality footage impacts the final product, which means that this tolerance can benefit the movie producer.

With the ability to handle multiple file formats, the application has also been designed to provide an excellent user experience and ensure that you work on the most outstanding film of the year.

A friendly interface means that using these file formats will be on an interface that has easy and convenient reach to all the features and tools that you would need to use on your project.

As such, you don’t have to get lost navigating the software’s vast interface since there are plenty of tools to help you accomplish all the tasks within your workflow.

The Cons Of Lightworks Software

After using the program on multiple devices. Here are the cons (weaknesses) of Lightworks software:

The Transition

Transition can be a little hard for new users who have not used the software previously.

Adapting Settings

Adapting to the initial interface of the software can be a little tricky since it does not look like traditional software.

If you have been using Adobe Premier in the past, the look and feel of the application will appear a little strange at first.

However, once you have gotten used to it, you can accomplish much in film editing and video production. You can also adjust and optimize the look and feel of your workspace by tweaking the interface a bit. The changes will enable you to be more productive and improve your processes.

The tools and features

The tools might not be as powerful as those in professional applications. There are other professional video editors with more advanced tools and features which means that it is suitable for learners and not as good for professionals.


The software can also feel a bit limiting regarding its small selection of video editing tools for your project.

Hard To Learn

several advanced features are hard to use, and they can have an unusual learning curve. Some new users have also found it to be a bit frustrating owing to the complex nature of some of the tools within the software.

Audio Export

The only way for you to export audio is through System Sound, which means that there will be a bit of adapting concerning the audio part of your production process.

If there were more options regarding sound imports, it would significantly improve the process for producers in addition to improving the quality of the final footage produced using the software.

A Lot to Learn

You will need to spare a lot of time to get through the documentation comprehensively. This is because the learning curve is steep, and there will be plenty to learn.

If you have the time, this is not so bad for you, but this might not be the right option when you need something that works.

Lightworks Video Editor (Free Vs. Paid)

Regarding payments and subscriptions, there are two versions of Lightworks Video Editor. The free version has basic editing features, and this is what most of the users have experience with.

It is pretty easy to use but offers a limited set of features. If you want to have an easier time editing your videos, you will have to opt for the paid version. The paid version is an upgrade with more features and options which gets you through your project with ease and comfort.

When you are working with the free version, there will be no limitations concerning import formats. However, the export options are a little limited such as your uploads to YouTube only going up to 720p.

There is also a limit in terms of the maximum resolution you can work at when you are using the free version, which will impact the quality of your work.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to Lightworks Pro for $24.99 per month, $174.99, or purchase the software outright for a one-off cost of $437.99. There are other benefits and additional features you will also have access to when working with the professional software version.

For instance, your YouTube videos will easily export to UHD 4K resolution. This is impressive and dramatically improves the quality of work possible with the software. There will also be many more output formats, making it easier and even more convenient for you to work on higher-quality content.

When you have multiple export formats, you will be able to publish to multiple channels simultaneously and get the audience the kind of experience they want.

It might be an investment to most people, but professional video producers and editors know the benefits of investing in the best tools, software, and equipment.

Other additional and advanced features are also available with the professional version of the software. There are project locations that the user can define, so your project will have been made a lot easier.

Also, there is 3D output, timeline rendering, Mackie Mixer support, Blackmagic Matrix, and advanced project sharing. In addition, you will also get more plugin packages when you opt for an outright purchase of the software.

Lightworks Software Requirements

To use the Lightworks video editing software, there are several system requirements that you will have to meet:

For instance, your system needs to have an i7 chip or faster. The computer will have to be equipped with RAM GB or more outstanding and two displays to make you more productive.

The displays will be required for split views when editing and previewing videos and allow you to edit the software’s interface to suit your needs and preferences. A GPU card will also have to be part of your system, and the minimum recommended is PCI Express with 1Gb or greater.

You will also need DirectX 9 if you are working on a Windows setup and a compatible sound card. You will need a good sound card for a professional project, and upgrading is a simple process. Your system will also need to be partitioned to separate the memory for the system and your media files.

This is important since you must always have your information safe and backed up. Your system will also need to have enough space for the installation itself as well as an internet connection for when you will be activating your installation and registering your license.

5 Awesome Alternatives To Lightworks

Based on the features we discussed early on if you think this software is not a good fit for your project. Here are some good alternatives to Lightworks software:

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

It is better at meeting movie producers and other users’ requirements. It is also more usable and presents a more organized user interface.

However, it is also more expensive, so you should be prepared to invest in the software.

2. Final Cut Pro X

3D titles are better in this application. You can also generate high-quality titles and do much more with more straightforward controls.

Adjusting the video’s light, animation, and look is also simple with the software.

3. iMovie

It has better support, and the resolution support is much better than what is available in Lightworks.

4. Filmora

Amazing videos come to reality with this software. It is your ultimate video editor and is designed to let you fully express your creativity.

It is also easier to use and has an excellent user interface.

5. Blender

Whenever you need to work on a 3D project, this is the right software choice and comes with features that you will find helpful.

You can use it for 3D animations, product presentations, and other video projects that you might have in mind.

This software has more advanced 3D features compared to Lightworks video editor; as such, you will find it the better choice for such projects.

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Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, Lightworks video editor is the application that can give you the proper foundation in video production.

For beginners, it is just what you need and will quickly get you more familiar with video production concepts. Additionally, it has excellent features but several limitations, especially when working on the accessible application version.

The paid version has specialized features, but this is only recommended to professionals who have been editing videos for longer and are familiar with all the tools and features available on the paid version of the software.

It is recommended for beginners but on the under-equipped end when professionals need to get some video editing done.


Is Lightworks free?

Yes. There is a free version of the video editing software. However, a paid version is also available for professionals and presents them with more advanced features.

How long does Lightworks free last?

The free license will expire after every 90 days. However, you can renew it by signing into the application with your credentials. After 90 days, the free license will no longer be active, which means you will have to sign into the application again to reactivate the license and keep using the software for 90 more days.

Does Lightworks have a watermark?

Even in the free version of the software, Lightworks does not have any watermarks, which means that your final results will be unedited and intact. You can produce videos and other content without worrying about an ugly watermark getting into the middle of your video with no option of removing it. It is a benefit and one of the more outstanding features of the application.

Is Lightworks easy to learn?

Basic features are easy to understand, but some features have a steeper learning curve. You must be ready to dive into the documentation and spend time on the forums if it is your first time using the software. However, most features are easy to learn, and using them more means you will also get familiar with most of the standard functionalities.

Is Lightworks suitable for Youtubers?

Yes. The software is excellent for Youtubers. The only limitation is the resolution that free users are limited to, which means that high-resolution YouTube videos are impossible with this video editing application.

You’ll need a Pro license to access the higher resolutions for YouTube uploads. Despite the limitation, it is easy to use for beginners and will enable starting YouTubers to produce the footage they need for their projects.

What is included in Lightworks free?

All the tools are included in the free version of the software. However, there is a restriction on the output file formats that are possible. The resolution is also restricted and hinders you from uploading HD videos to YouTube.

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