Magisto Video Editing Software Review

If you wish to edit your videos and photos, you do not have to search further. Magisto is the ultimate solution for you. This fantastic video editor application can turn your clips into overwhelming and satisfying videos.

With this exceptional app, you can produce video clips by using the images in your gallery. Uniquely, this fantastic video editor is the only editor that can combine music and photos.

So by having it, you are fully sorted as you will not need to have another app. Magisto is the easiest and simplest way of making classy and high-quality videos in the shortest time possible.

Magisto Software Review

What is Magisto?

Magisto is a web-based video editing software for producing and editing videos and photos. The software is easy to use and intuitive in exploiting artificial intelligence allowing users to convert videos to memorable short films.

Magisto is a powerful tool used mainly by small and medium-sized businesses that require professional videos for marketing.

This video editor has a wide range of features like the capacity to create longer movies, add captions or logos, insert background music, edit individual scenes and choose from the numerous premium editing styles.

This video editing software can be used on both PC and tablets or smartphones as it has a mobile application that can be compatible with Android and iOS devices.

This web-based video converter offers a video marketing solution for businesses and enterprises to distribute content, provide video analytics, and edit videos.

The software’s video creation part is powered via artificial intelligence that combines uploaded soundtrack, videos, and images to presentable retailing tools.

Therefore, Magisto offers a video management solution designed to aid professionals, businesses, and marketing agencies use editing styles, inbuilt soundtracks, and videos. Developers can use custom-branded colors, text, and fonts with personalized logos for a classy video.

The software comes with various prebuilt business templates, and users can choose any of them depending on the target market. Moreover, marketers can edit the videos per their requirements and save the edits for future use.

Magisto video editor features exclusive features that provide content via platforms, social media, advertising, and emails. The videos can also be showcased on the firm’s websites by uploading the videos from a web browser and mobile device.

Additionally, the editor comes with a marketing analytics feature that collects customers’ data to get insight into the geographical location, video performance, and distribution time.

The Main Features of Magisto Video Editor

Magisto comes with plenty of features for seamless video and photo conversion. Some of the features include:

Collection of multiple styles and themes from which users can choose the best one from the proposed while using corporate styles.


Magisto features a professional interface that allows users to look through their media and files in Google Drive accounts. The app supports different video formats, so users will have no worries about transcoding anything they wish.

Users only have to pick the clips they want to include in the edit, and the Magisto app will magically do the editing. But this interface is in the working process and can be challenging, especially when there is a lot of content to be edited.

Trim, crop, and split

The Magisto Video editing tool allows users to shorten, extend and select different video clips that need to be shown in the Magisto video.

The app provides two ways of accessing the crop, trim and split tools; the storyboard screen and the scenes screen.


This amazing video editor features several benefits that make it the ideal choice for users. The app’s transition tool is among its best features.

With its new transition and layout, users can arrange video content and design elements in a harmonious style.

Users can add and flatten words on the images. And likewise, during the editing process, users can add text to the video and create catchy videos.


The Magisto video maker and editor allow users to take amazing videos with audios that support enhanced mode, connect the audience with a soundtrack, and set the pace and messages.

The software has a collection of more than 750 soundtracks in its marketing tool, so users can also upload their music.


Among the best things to consider with the Magisto editing app is its amazing effects that can be applied to videos.

Users can choose their favorite effect and use it for the whole video or specific parts. The app allows users to live cinematic texts and transitions for a perfect video.

Other features include

  • Upload photos and videos
  • It has premium edit styles
  • Features unlimited HD movie downloads
  • Longer movies-you can use this feature to create longer videos.
  • Scene editing for editing and rearranging individual scenes.
  • Captions and photos, users can personalize their videos by adding captions and logos
  • Music with commercial license
  • 24/7 availability on the device
  • Based on advanced technology that edits, trims, and analyzes the videos
  • Sharing feature that allows easy sharing of edits to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter timeline both privately and publicly
  • Facial recognition feature that detects friends and family
  • Filters, camera, effects, stabilization, and transitions

Strengths of Magisto Video Editing Software

Here are the pros of using Magisto Video Editor software:

  • Magisto web-based video converter has a library of creative themes, a simple interface, and great music.
  • The platform has an easy-to-learn platform and a variety of templates.
  • It has fascinating video editing features alongside high-quality music effects.
  • It can host, download and share all video forms in a single platform
  • It is an intelligent editing app that can make you feel like a pro
  • It features fantastic tools for the ease of creation of incredible slideshows and movies.

Weaknesses of Magisto Editor Software

Although Magisto is a fantastic app with fascinating features, it has weaknesses. Some of the cons of Magisto software include the following:

  • The application lacks editing options for long videos
  • The app has no theme availability
  • Does not provide access to 1080p downloads at a professional plan.

PAID vs. FREE Magisto Software Version

Magisto video editor is available in two versions that are; free and paid. Both versions offer fantastic features, but the premium one has various features.

The premium version comes with an auto-renewing subscription featuring two subscription options for the professional tool.

The subscription fee for the paid version includes $5 per month and $18 annually. The subscription fee is paid through the iTunes account.

5 Cool Alternatives To the Magisto Video Editing Tool

If you didn’t find what you are looking for in this software. Here are some of the great alternatives to the Magisto Video Editing software:

Final Cut Pro X

This is the best video editing alternative to Magisto. The software comes with powerful features that speed up the content editing process.

Video creation and management are more accessible with this software hence saving you time and energy. If you are the kind of person that is always in a hurry and wants to edit your videos faster, Final Cut Pro X is the ideal solution since it is non-linear editing software.

Features of Final Cut Pro X

  • It features a find-and-replace tool
  • It has a magnetic timeline
  • The software supports color grading and editing.


This is a great video editing software that allows users to craft videos and slideshows even without the need for professional editing knowledge. Anybody can use this tool regardless of their prior knowledge.

The software features a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to drag and drop various parts of torrent videos and combine them into one video. Uniquely, this professional video editor grants easy video making hence making it friendly even to novices.

Features ofiMyFoneFilme

  • Simplicity: This video editor is simple; therefore easy to produce professional videos and slideshows without experience. Users can edit videos to create memories for various events like birthdays, weddings, and travels.
  • Creation of slideshows Are you planning to have a professional slideshow? Filme is the ideal solution. With this platform, you can create professional video slideshows without complex editing.
  • Basic toolset: This tool features all fundamental video editing tools like rotating, cutting/trimming, adjusting speed, and making a picture in picture effects, among others. Therefore, the tool can make anything possible. Likewise, with this tool, you can edit different video parts separately and combine them for a masterpiece.

Visme Video Editor

Visme is another best alternative to Magisto. The tool aids in creating and editing professional-looking videos and helps in creating design assets like infographics via reports, graphics, and flyers. Generally, this is an all-in-one design tool you can use in the whole content production process.

The Features

Video embedding feature

It allows for easy embedding of all video types in the player, including vineyard, YouTube, loom,s, and Vimeo, with a snippet of code.

Layer of engagement

With this tool, users can add an additional layer of engagement to their videos by inserting background music and audio narrations.

Adobe Premier Video Editor

This is also yet another best video editing tool alternative to Magisto. The tool allows users to produce and edit commercials and short films alongside video tutorials and ads.

Uniquely, the tool can integrate into other applications seamlessly like those from adobe. However, using this tool requires knowledge.

Premiere Pro Features

  • Integrates with other apps easily
  • Improved workflow with the Rush Premier app

Animoto video editing tool

This fascinating Magisto alternative lets users create and edit quality videos by combining video clips and photos. You can polish your videos on the go because this app offers mobile apps for both iPhone and android.

Features of Animoto

  • The tool has excellent features like
  • A diverse video template pool
  • This fantastic tool has plenty of video templates ready for use.
  • Seamlessly change video aspect range
  • With this tool, users can alter the video aspect ratio without worries. You can share the same video on different socks media by changing its size.
  • Other features include extensive customization options and a big library of stock videos, photos, and music tracks.

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The Bottom Line

Magisto is an excellent video editing tool that helps users to create and edit professional videos. This software is available for both PCs and mobile phones. The tool gives users total access to video editing and analytics.

Moreover, this tool is certified by YouTube so that users can earn growth, creation, optimization, and monetization certification. Generally, this tool is excellent and worth the money.

Register yourself today with the software and enjoy the fantastic video creation and editing experience it brings.


Is Magisto a good video editor?

Generally, Magisto is a good video editing software with excellent video quality. Users can optimize the software for higher quality or faster upload. If you have no editing skills but wish to edit footage, Magisto is the ideal solution.

Is Magisto a Chinese app?

Magisto is not a Chinese app. It is a US-based app founded in Mountainview, California.

Is Magisto easy to use?

Yes, Magisto is an easy-to-use video editing software that even those without video editing knowledge can use. It features a unique three-step video editing process. In this process, you only need to upload a video, pick a soundtrack and video style to use, and you are good to go.

How long can Magisto videos be?

Regardless of your Magisto plan, the Magisto videos cannot exceed 10 minutes long. Therefore, Magisto videos can only be ten minutes long.

Can I use Magisto on my computer?

Yes, you can use Magisto on your computer. The software is available for computer use through the official Magisto website.

Does Magisto have a free trial?

Yes, Magisto has a free trial that lasts for seven days. However, when registering for the free trial, you will have to enter the payment option through their website or confirm your purchase via your google play password, Apple ID, face recognition or touch ID.

Can I use my credit card in Magisto?

Yes, you can use your credit card in Magisto. However, when you decide to complete payment for your free trial, the payment will be deducted from your credit card automatically during the next seven days.

Is Magisto a good video editor for beginners?

Since Magisto is intuitive, it is a good video editor for beginners. However, editing videos with this tool requires experience and passion for video production.

Does Magisto support subtitles?

Yes, it does support subtitles. Users can choose subtitles when posting a movie on YouTube or Facebook and set the language to their preference.

Can I use Magisto for making YouTube videos?

Yes, you can use Magisto for YouTube video production. However, you must pay for a monthly plan to use it for YouTube video creation. You need a premium account to access the additional features.

Is Magisto better than iMovie and Final Cut Pro X?

Yes, it is better than iMovie and Final cut Pro X because the tools are expensive and require the professional skills that a professional editor possesses.

Can I import videos into Magisto?

No, you cannot import your videos into this software because there is no option to upload offline content like the other tools have.

Does Magisto offer tax support?

Yes, it does. You can get some tax benefits from using Magisto. Furthermore, you can pay for the premium options too.

Does Magisto have an extensive media library?

Yes, Magisto has a vast video library with millions of video clips and hundreds of photos for users.

Does Magisto offer a cloud storage solution?

No, this tool provides no cloud storage solution because it is advantageous to stream videos from the internet rather than storing them on a mobile device using Magisto.

Does Magisto support more than three video tracks?

Yes, Magisto supports 3 video tracks. You can choose a different soundtrack for each of your videos which helps increase its engagement rate on social media. It also has editing tools like motion and special effects that users must use when creating the perfect movie.

Does Magisto have a watermark option?

Yes, the software has an option for watermarking your videos. This feature helps users avoid copyright issues and protect their content from theft.

Does Magisto have an ad blocker?

Yes, Magisto has an ad blocker. This feature enables you to watch the videos you have made with the tool without interruption.

Is Magisto free?

Magisto has a free version. However, users need to pay if they want to access advanced features like making longer video clips and uploading them on YouTube and Facebook sites.

How many mobile phone devices does Magisto support?

Magisto supports Android, iPhones, and other mobile devices that run on iOS and Android operating systems.

Does Magisto have a mobile app or a desktop app?

Magisto has an official website and a mobile app available for download in Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Does Magisto support a multi-monitor desktop?

No, Magisto does not support a multi-monitor desktop.

Does Magisto support Windows and Mac?

Yes, it supports both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Does Magisto have an offline mode?

No, it does not have an offline mode, and you cannot import videos into this software. You can only download videos from the internet to use them within the software.

Is there a tutorial for making movies with Magisto?

No tutorial guides users on how to make movies using this software because it does not have an offline mode where users can import videos from their devices or hard drives and edit them using this tool. Instead, you need to download the videos from the internet and upload them on the Magisto website.

Does Magisto support 1080p HD video?

Yes, it does support 1080p video quality and can record up to 30 seconds of video clips. You can also add soundtracks like music and voiceovers to your movies.

Can I make short videos with Magisto?

No, you cannot make short videos with Magisto as it supports only 15 minutes long videos till 2019 if you want to create one using this software.

Can I use Magisto for editing photos?

No, it is incompatible with photo editing tasks, and you cannot edit or bring changes to your photos using this tool.

What is the difference between Lifetime and Monthly plans?

The free plan allows users to create videos up to 15 minutes in length, whereas the premium version lets users create one movie up to one hour long.

Can I export my Magisto files?

Yes, you can export your videos but only in an MP4 format that is compatible with other platforms.

Is there any live-streaming option offered by Magisto?

Yes, Magisto offers this feature where you can watch your movies online and broadcast live to various people via a web link while they also have access to view these videos on their devices.

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