Techsmith Capture (Formerly Jing Project) Review

Technological advancement has created a world of possibilities for businesses and consumers alike. One such product is Techsmith capture which has revolutionized the way professionals work with presentations, screenshots, videos, and other media files.

From its user-friendly interface and reliable video-capturing process, Techsmith capture makes life easy for all users. However, this software has some limitations that can be overlooked by those unwilling to invest more time into it.

Nevertheless, Techsmith capture is still a good option worth considering if you are looking for something efficient to make your life easier. Let’s have a close look at what Techsmith Jing offers and what can be expected from it.

Techsmith Capture Jing Project

What’s Techsmith capture?

The TechSmith Capture software is a screen recording tool that lets users record everything they see on their screen and turn it into a video.

It was formerly known as the Jing Project but has since rebranded to TechSmith Capture. The program is available for both Mac and Windows.

The Main Features of Techsmith Capture

The following are the main features of Techsmith Capture Software:


The strength of Techsmith Jing is that it allows users to add annotations and insert text on a video file. Annotations are essential to any video, as they enable you to communicate information such as where you filmed the scene or what’s happening in the video.

With Techsmith Jing, you can type in your notes on top of videos, either while they’re playing or paused. These annotations can be made either with a keyboard or by drawing on the screen with your mouse or touchpad.

It’s also possible to customize the colors of text, background colors, and line thickness.

Annotation settings are stored separately for each project, so you don’t have to set them up again if you open the same project again later.

Audio capture

You can record your own voice from a microphone or PC speaker or use an existing audio file. You can either record straight to a video project file or add it as an overlay over top of existing video footage.

This way, you can create tutorials or demonstrations without going through the time-consuming process of creating a new video from scratch. Soundtracks are recorded simultaneously as other media files, and you can adjust their volume independently.

The only downside here is that there’s no automatic recording control, so the sound quality will suffer slightly if you speak too soon after the recording starts.

File Sharing Software

This feature is beneficial when trying to quickly share information with others who might not have the same program installed. All you need to do is install the free mobile app, log in and send out a request via email or chat messaging services like Facebook messenger and Skype.

A link will then be generated, which can be sent out easily to anyone who wants access. To help protect against unauthorized access, Techsmith offers two levels of security – one using passwords and another using private codes that can only be accessed with the user’s phone number.

If you want to give someone else permission to edit content from within a shared project, you must click on Edit next to their name on the list of collaborators and choose to Give permission.

Multi-screen recording

Techsmith software allows users to split their screens, showing two video feeds at once. This is a great feature for creating tutorials or demonstrations that reference what’s happening on a second screen.

Perhaps an Excel spreadsheet, where you want to show how certain numbers are calculated while you’re talking about them.

Another plus about multi-screen recording is that the window size isn’t fixed, so you can make both screens bigger or smaller according to preference.

Screen capture

Techsmith provides users with various tools for taking screenshots, from basic options to more advanced settings.

Basic options allow users to specify whether they want their screenshot saved as an image file or copied to their clipboard for further editing on other programs.

The second option is useful if you’re doing technical support over chat or video conferencing and need to quickly make a record of your conversation in case there are any issues later.

Alternatively, you can copy the image to your clipboard and upload it to an external chat or social media platform.

Screen recording software

Techsmith also offers a screen recording feature that allows users to record their entire computer screen with just a few clicks, including audio and video. Recording can be stopped anytime by clicking on a button or closing down TechSmith software.

The resulting video will be saved in Techsmith project file format, which is optimized for use as an overlay in other project files.

This is a nice touch because it means you can move the project around, save the video to a different format, and still retain high-quality playback.

Video Editing Software

Techsmith software also features a professional video editor, which you can use to edit recordings that have been previously made using screen recording.

This feature is especially handy for users with an extra-large monitor or an ultra-wide display since you can record a video with the full width of your screen.

Various capture effects are available to improve the look of videos. For example, you can blur the background or add animated objects on the edges to provide context for your narration.

Users can also insert customized watermarks into their video that will appear in the corner of every frame and act as a deterrent to those looking to steal content and reuse it elsewhere.

The Pros of Techsmith Capture

The advantages of Techsmith capture formerly Jing project include the following:

Interface is clean

The interface of Techsmith Capture is very intuitive. It allows you to create a screencast without dealing with any complicated setup, which would only get in the way of vital information.

With Techsmith Capture, it takes only one click to start recording a video and an additional click to stop.

Easy installation

The process for installing Techsmith Capture is so simple that even people who aren’t technologically minded will be able to do it.

You can also download tutorials on installing the software if you’re unsure how.

Simple and intuitive menu

There are no complicated menus to get lost in with Techsmith Capture. Everything is laid out in a simple, orderly fashion.

You can easily navigate around without having to go through several layers of submenus just to find what you’re looking for.

What’s more, helpful hints throughout the program make figuring out what to do next much easier. All in all, this is an extremely user-friendly program.

Plenty of tools included

One thing I like about Techsmith Capture is that there are plenty of tools to enhance your recordings; they include animations, special effects, filters, and captions/subtitles.

All these features help give your videos some extra pizzazz and personality. They’re perfect for creating tutorials or promotional videos.

The Cons of Techsmith Capture

The disadvantages of Techsmith capture formerly Jing project include the following:

Short sessions

Some users report a bug that causes the software to crash after about a few minutes of recording. This means you’ll keep logging in every so often, which can be annoying and result in data loss.

Doesn’t support some devices

The Techsmith capture is also unavailable on devices besides Mac and Windows computers, which may leave some users out.

How to Use Techsmith Capture? (Mac & Windows)

Here is the step-by-step guide to using Techsmith capture:

  1. First, install and run Techsmith Capture on your Mac or PC
  2. Capture dialog appears when you click the Capture button
  3. Next, the orange crosshairs appear, just click it and drag it around the area that you want to capture
  4. Click the Image Capture button if you want to take a picture of what’s on your screen instead of recording a video
  5. The Image Preview dialog feature will appear with a new window with an image preview of the screenshot taken by Techsmith capture. You can also save this image to disk with the Save File button
  6. If you want to change the magnification, you’ll need to click the zoom in and/or out buttons which are located at the bottom right corner of the Techsmith capture interface. These options have a magnifying glass icon next to them.
  7. Lastly, there are options to click on, including Upload, Upload Later, Save, Copy, or Delete. Choose any one of these as desired.
  8. Once done, the Record Mode will be closed and return to start mode, where you’re able to open another new recordable window if needed.
  9. To stop recording, close the Recording Window in any way like clicking on the X button or going back to Home Screen without saving the first option selected file
  10. To restart recording again, simply press the record button and start capturing another video clip using the steps mentioned before.

5 Great Alternatives To Techsmith Capture

Based on the features and benefits we mentioned early on if you still think Techsmith capture is not what you are looking for. Then, here are some great alternatives to the Techsmith capture program that you should consider:

1. ConnectWise Control

This is a remote desktop control software that has a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices. It works on Wi-Fi or 3G connections and allows you to use your phone as a remote control for Windows PCs and Macs.

You can also use it to access any computer anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The role-based security architecture enables an IT manager to create and manage multiple user profiles for different departments within the organization.

It offers offline backup options, so you don’t need an internet connection, and its easy navigation makes it perfect for training sessions or when working from home. There are no recurring fees, but you’ll need to purchase one license per device.

2. Vidyard

Vidyard is a cloud-based video platform that helps marketers create and distribute videos from their websites. It allows you to record screencasts, screen recordings, webcam videos, and other forms of media for users.

The platform offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, making it easier for you to share any form of content on any device. Vidyard also helps you upload your existing videos and turn them into shareable content.

All you have to do is copy and paste the URL of the video. As well as being completely customizable, this tool provides custom analytics reports so you can see how many views your videos are getting at any given time.

The unique feature of Vidyard software is the split testing thumbnails which let you choose which thumbnail will work best for promoting your content.

Uploading, editing, and sharing videos couldn’t be simpler – all you have to do is type the video’s title on a web browser or click the “Add Video” button from your mobile device.

With just a few clicks, you can edit your video by adding text captions and changing colors and titles. After completing all the necessary steps, you can instantly share the video with your audience on Facebook or Twitter.

When people watch a shared video, they can embed it on their blog posts or website if they like.

3. CloudApp

CloudApp is a cross-platform screen recording and capture application. Its simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to take screenshots without downloading anything. The files can be saved in JPG, PNG, GIF, or PDF formats.

For those looking for a more advanced solution than the free version, there is also a premium option that allows you to easily send large files up to 100MB from your clipboard. The unique thing about this software is that you can share Multiple Links At once.

This means if you want to let somebody know about something quickly and easily, you can give them links to 5 clips or screens simultaneously. Overall, from GIF creation, screenshots, and screen recording to video capture, CloudApp is a great piece of software for individuals and businesses alike.

4. Loom

Loom is another fantastic tool for creating animated and interactive videos. This software is unique in that it works as a standalone web application, or you can use its desktop recorder feature to convert your desktop into a walkthrough or tutorial.

Its simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create animated presentations optimized for mobile and desktop devices.

One of Loom’s best features is its vast library of customizable templates, which you can use for your presentation. They come in a variety of styles, and you can choose whichever one you prefer. It also allows you to customize the background, add voice-overs, insert photos and videos, and more.

This software is compatible with Mac and PC systems and doesn’t require any additional software to run. It also integrates seamlessly with Gmail, YouTube, Dropbox, Evernote, and much more.

5. Droplr

Droplr is a cloud-based screen and file-sharing tool for desktop and mobile devices. Its simplicity, ease of use, and ability to integrate with other applications make it one of the most popular screencasting tools on the market today.

With Droplr, you can record your screen or upload files directly from your desktop without leaving your browser. It also integrates with third-party applications, including Google Drive, Box, and Evernote.

If you’re looking for software that can capture video and audio, Droplr is not the right choice. However, if you need to share your screen with others or upload any kind of file-related material to your computer or mobile device, it is an excellent choice.

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Techsmith capture is an excellent app for a variety of purposes. It has many features that are easy to use, and the price is affordable.

If you’re interested in creating videos with smooth animations and transitions, this is the perfect software for you.

It will provide hours of entertainment and joy while also teaching you new skills that can be used in other areas.


Where are TechSmith capture videos saved?

TechSmith capture videos are saved to your computer in a “Go to Folder” created by TechSmith. You can search Recorder/Recordings from your TechSmith folder to find all your TechSmith captures that you have recorded and captured. You will find all the MP4 video files inside the video library with various formats such as .mp4, .mov, .wmv, etc.

Is Jing still available?

No, Jing was discontinued in 2020. TechSmith has replaced it with TechSmith capture. Today, you can use TechSmith Capture, which is an upgraded version of the Jings screen recorder and screencasting tool. The free version of TechSmith capture works on both Windows and Mac, therefore making it compatible with any computer.

Is Jing still free?

Yes, Jing was free until when TechSmith released Techsmith capture, which was an upgraded version of Jing. The new software offers more features than what is found on Jing. With Techsmith capture, you can now record a video from your screen and then upload it to YouTube or other social media sites. Furthermore, if you want to record sound from your microphone, there is now a button for that too

What is replacing Jing?

Jing is being replaced by Techsmith capture, which can be downloaded for free on their website. It’s available for Mac and Windows users and also has a mobile app. This means that you no longer have to worry about having to pay any money or having any special equipment – this software is as easy to use as just pressing the record. In addition, it provides high-quality screen captures with little or no time lag that is as close to what your viewers see in real-time.

Does Jing work on windows?

Jing is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. This means that it will work on your computer as long as you have one of these operating systems installed.

Does Jing work on Mac?

Yes, Jing is available for Mac. Currently referred to as Techsmith capture, this software will work on your Mac and PC. You only need to download it once since it can run on both operating systems. If you are on a Mac, you can use it with most browsers like Safari or Chrome. If you are on a PC, then you can use it with Internet Explorer or Firefox.

What does TechSmith capture do?

Techsmith capture allows you to create basic screenshots, record up to an hour of video (more than enough time to get through a PowerPoint), and play games while capturing everything.

Is TechSmith Capture the best?

That’s a difficult question to answer. It really depends on what you’re looking for. If you want something that is easy to use, has an excellent editor, and has plenty of features, then TechSmith capture is a great option. However, if you are looking for something that has more control over your video or audio quality, then there are other better options suited to your needs. The best way to know which software will work best for you is by trying it out and seeing how well it suits your needs.

How long can you record with TechSmith capture?

The recording time limit for TechSmith capture is one hour or less. That’s plenty of time to show a presentation, take screenshots of your website, or record your screen while playing a game.

Which is the best alternative to Techsmith Capture?

It really depends on what you’re recording and why. If you are looking for a screen recorder, TechSmith capture is recommended. However, there are times when other applications may be more helpful to you. For example, if you want to create a quick video demonstrating something in your web browser, Droplr is more suited to that task than Techsmith capture because Droplr allows users to upload their video directly to YouTube.

Does TechSmith capture audio?

Yes, TechSmith capture is capable of capturing sound. Just like any other screen recording software, you will need to connect your microphone so that it captures your voice in addition to what you are recording with TechSmith capture.

Does Techsmith capture work on phones?

Yes, Techsmith capture is compatible with Android mobile devices. You can download the application from the Google Play Store and start using it right away.

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